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HTML Tutorial

HTML File?

  • HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
  • An HTML file is a text file containing small markup tags
  • The markup tags tell the Web browser how to display the page
  • An HTML file must have an htm or html file extensionAn HTML file can be created using a simple text editor

Do You Want to Try It?
If you are running Windows, start Notepad.
Write in notepad
Type in the following text:



<title>Title of page</title> 
<body>This is my first homepage. <b>This text is bold</b> 

Save the file as "mypage.htm".  
Start your Internet browser. Select "Open" (or "Open Page") 
in the File menu of your browser. 
A dialog box will appear. Select "Browse" (or "Choose File") and 
locate the HTML file you just created - "mypage.htm" - select it 
and click "Open". Now you should see an address in the dialog box, 
for example "C:\MyDocuments\mypage.htm". Click OK, 
and the browser will display the page. 
Display in Internet Explorer : This is my first homepage  
 ( to be continues….. )

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