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How Connecting AP to Your Network ?

This Chapter provides a step-by-step guide to the installation and
configuration of this wireless access point.
􀂾 Connect the power adapter with the connector end to the power
connector in the rear panel of the device and the plug end to an
appropriate outlet.
􀂾 Connect the LAN port with RJ-45 cable to:
1. a broad band router to allow wireless clients to connect to WAN.
2. a switch to allow wireless clients to communicate with wired LAN.
3. a computer directly to use the computer configuring this AP.
Note: You have to configure the network settings of this AP to be
communicable with your router, switch or computer first. To change the default
network settings of the AP, please refer to “LAN Interface setup”.

Configuring the IP address of your computer
In order to manage with this Wireless AP, you have to configure the IP
addresses of your computer to be compatible with this device.
1. The default network setting of the device:
   IP address:
  Subnet Mask:
  Default Gateway:
2. In the following TCP/IP configuration guide, the IP address
  “ ” is assumed to be your IP address. Please DO NOT
  choose for the IP address ( has been set as
    the default IP for this device.
3. The following TCP/IP configuration guide uses windows XP as the
   presumed operation system.
  Procedures to configure IP addresses for your computer
1. If you are in Classic Start menu view, click Start􀃆Settings􀃆Control
   Panel􀃆Network Connections.
    If you are in Start menu view, click Start􀃆Control Panel􀃆 Network
2. Double click “Local Area Connection”

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